Mobile Observations excels at delivering insightful, relevant and inspiring information on trends in Japanese markets and society. The goal is not to show how Japan can be copied, but to spot and interpret weak signals, and provide a unique point of view to sow seeds from which innovation and creativity can spring up. Japan is a trendsetter in Asia and worldwide, and understanding this complex and advanced society and market can provide surprising insight on how other societies and markets elsewhere in the world can develop.In past projects Mobile Observations has delivered insights on these subjects in the form of trend reports, market overviews, case studies and workshops. Projects are tailor made in order to answer the client’s questions in the most relevant way, while they always aim to include the bigger picture as well. With over eight years of observing Japan, both from abroad and with feet on the ground, Mobile Observations has the experience and vision to go and to see beyond the obvious and clichéd. When looked at with an open mind, Japan is a fantastic source of inspiration.

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